Sam and Anna’s Story

“That desperation where it felt like the walls were caving in. We felt helpless. We were praying. We needed His power to breakthrough and give us that peace…. God was always there. We could see God in the small things… We knew God was in control of their life.”  

Juliet’s Story

He is with you through every journey.  

JD and Aaron’s Story

We love seeing life transformation! It all begins with prayer.   “Building that relationship, to just pray and then ask, and now 14 years later…I see y’all every Sunday you serve and your kids serve. Just the friendship that has come with the simple ask.”  

Meghan’s Story

“God says I am chosen. I am worthy. I am valuable. He says, I am loved. He says the same things about you.”

Jennifer’s Story

“The enemy used that situation I was in for so long to tear me down repeatedly, viciously, physically, mentally, that I was not worthy and wouldn’t amount to anything. As a Christ follower it is good to just continue to show love and support to other people. Even to strangers…you never know what they are…

Lauren’s Story

“I’ve learned about the wonderful gift of grace. It frees me from the burdens of shame and guilt that I have from my sin. Cause I know God loves me. God forgives me.” God encourages us to chase after the one! We hope this story encourages you on your walk.

Jennifer’s Story

“I feel like I have a better understanding of who I am. That I’m a child of God first and foremost. Before an artist, before anything. That’s where I value my identity in and I know who I am.” God want’s us to feel set free in him!

Monte’s Story

“I am very grateful for all the leadership opportunities and activities the Lord has blessed me with. Among these activities are Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Brothers n’ Christ, as well as Young Life. I decided to become involved in these organizations, because I didn’t want to simply be a Sunday or Wednesday churchgoer, but instead…

Rodney and Sarah’s Story

It’s amazing how God works!! He turns things of this world that will break a person into blessings. It started while on a mission trip to El Salvador December 2021, where Sarah got Covid. God turned this into a huge blessing. After Sarah tested positive for Covid and she was not able to board a…

Jessica’s Story

“A couple of months before the pandemic began, I decided to eliminate all social media for a while. I had been convicted about it and knew I needed a break. This would be a difficult thing to do, and to truly be successful, I knew I would need to ditch my smartphone altogether. Everyone thought…

Heather and Adam’s Story

“Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer.” Romans 12:12 We serve a God who hears our hearts. Who desires more for us. Even in the trials, our God is bigger. He is our ultimate healer and stronghold. We want Heather & Adam’s story to bring you hope. If you are going…

Nate’s Story

“Intentionality changes things. It opens hearts and it prepares the way for God to do what He does best.” We hope this story encourages you on your walk.

Rudy’s Story

“My conviction to living my life as the best version of myself through Jesus Christ is stronger than ever.” We hope this story encourages you on your walk.

Kim Cavitt’s Story

  “It’s the relationship that you have with God that is the most important. And, so, trust what He has for you.” We hope this story encourages you on your walk.

Kathleen’s Story

“In Psalm 34, David reminds us that we should praise God through the good times and bad. Praise should fill our hearts every day, no matter our circumstances– especially when we are walking through seasons of great trials. In August 2019, I had to have a 5th laminectomy fusion on my spine due to a…

Sarah’s Story

“Joined Rush Creek soon after coming out of an abusive relationship. Before I was living in constant fear. Verbal, physical, and spiritual abuse was something I learned to live with. So much of my heart was invested in that person, which made it incredibly difficult to leave. For a month, I had to remain in…

Caitlyn’s Story

  Even when we feel alone, He is with us every step of the way. We hope this story encourages you in your walk.

Biblical Community: College and Young Adults

“When you think of the phrase ‘living life with people’ and walking with them, this really is what that group is.” Eli, Dawna, and Leah have been able to grow in their faith with the support of their biblical community.

Wayne and Cathy’s Story

Wayne “I was born and raised in Big Spring, Texas. Moved to DFW in the year 1986, after having lived in Lubbock, Chicago, California, and Austin. Was raised in a “legalism” form of religion, attending church as required by my parents, but did not know what a relationship with our Savior was. Upon leaving home…

Jordan’s Story

“I grew up in a Christian based home as an adoptee from China. I accepted Christ at a very young age knowing that Jesus was the only gateway to heaven. However, at that age, I didn’t quite understand what it meant to maintain a strong relationship with Christ or to grow with Him personally. I…

The Eastman’s Story

“We are the Eastmans (David, Gina, Emma and Olivia)! We have been members of Rush Creek Church for 17 years. Emma was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder just shy of her third birthday. When we first received Emma’s diagnosis, we were unsure of where to turn…. we had so many questions. Yet for every question…

The Lord Forgives

The Lord forgives. Monnica watched God forgive and move in her life.

God of Miracles

  After a gymnastics accident, Deborah’s doctors told her she would never walk again. Deborah leaned on the Lord during this recovery journey. She was able to see that God was with her through this injury. She is now healed and helping others that are going through spinal cord injuries.

Found Forgiveness

  After struggling with childhood sexual abuse, anger, and forgiveness, Jenna started to see how God was working in her heart to forgive those around her. The Lord now allows her to forgive daily.

Heart-shaped Hole Filled by God

  After trying to fill the void in Ron’s heart with drugs and alcohol, he turned back to the Lord. Now that hole is filled with God’s love.

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