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Rodney and Sarah’s Story

It’s amazing how God works!! He turns things of this world that will break a person into blessings. It started while on a mission trip to El Salvador December 2021, where Sarah got Covid. God turned this into a huge blessing. After Sarah tested positive for Covid and she was not able to board a plane back to the USA, we were advised that it was best to go stay at Pastor Carloses house in the mountains of Dulce Nombre de Maria(DNM) so Sarah could rest and recoup from Covid. While she and I were there in DNM, a local Pastor Mauricio Marín and his wife Gloria) were made aware of our situation. With an open heart, the pastor and his wife sprung into action, bringing us food and a daily supply of tea and home remedies in hopes of Sarah healing faster. Pastor Mauricio and Gloria had no obligation to Sarah and I, but we could see the love of God flowing through them with unconditional love praying daily for Sarah to get better and healed. This unconditional love was a reflection of Luke 10:25-37, “The Parable of the Good Samaritan.” It broke our hearts to see Mauricio and Gloria, that financially are way less fortunate than Sarah and I, would give food, tea, daily prayer, and home remedies to see someone they knew nothing about to get better and be healed.

That is when, Sarah and I knew that we wanted to walk closer to Jesus too and show unconditional love to the students and children from DNM. We asked if we could partner and support their ministry and church in DNM. Pastor Marin and his wife Gloria welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like family from the start. God opened some huge doors for us in DNM, where there is a huge need. This has changed our lives drastically because from December 2021 to April 2022, God gave us an extended family in DNM. With God’s favor we have purchased land in DNM, El Salvador, to start a student/children’s ministry while partnering with Pastor Mauricio Marin and Gloria Marin. There is a school across the street from the church in DNM that has over 400 students. This gives us a huge opportunity to share God’s word and unconditional love with them.

We look forward to the plans God has for us in the future.

This has changed our relationship with the Lord because we want to leave a legacy to expand God’s kingdom here on earth instead of storing up gifts for ourselves. We have also learned to walk by faith and that we are not bound to the limits & borders of this world. We have faith that what God has put on our hearts to start in DNM that He will guide and provide for us every step of the way.

Only God can turn something negative (Covid) into great things!!! May all the glory go to God!! God is Good!

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