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Summer at Rush Creek

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Are we living in the final days? Is the return of Jesus near? How should Christians live in light of His return? Join us in this 6 week series through the Olivet Discourse as we seek to discern Jesus’ words about the days approaching his return. Join us Sunday, 6/16, for our new series, On the Horizon.

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Survival Guide

In the talk about the end times, it’s not just about getting through it; it’s about staying focused despite the uncertainty. When we look ahead and see what might be coming, we can prepare in advance. That means we can face today with more confidence, knowing we’ve done what we can to be ready. Instead of letting fear take over, we can live and wait without worry. This way, we can do more than survive, no matter what might be on the horizon. Download this guide to the right for some helpful information.

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Prayer Walk Playlist

This past Sunday, we talked about the importance of believers standing firm as witnesses to the Gospel – even in the most difficult of times. We have to constantly be on alert, looking for opportunities to reach out and care for the people around us. So this week, in partnership with our BLESS strategy, we encourage you to Begin with prayer by taking 30 minutes a day for the next seven days to prayer walk your neighborhood. Ask God to open doors for great conversations. Pray for families in the homes around your own. Ask that those who are far from God would hear and respond to the hope of the Gospel. And pray that you would be ready to play your part. We’ve included a link to an “On The Horizon” playlist to help you time your walks and encourage your prayer time as well! When the playlist is done, so is your walk for the day!

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