At Rush Creek Students, we want to partner with parents during each child’s faith journey.

Rush Creek Students believes that parents are the primary discipler in their teenager’s life. Our desire is to come alongside you and equip you as you walk with your student through their faith journey. We have put together this list of resources that covers a variety of topics that your student may have questions about. Our prayer is that these resources will help you as you disciple your student toward a deeper relationship with Christ!

If you would like to be able to present an intelligent, well-reasoned defense of the unborn without engaging in a shouting match, this series can help. Abortion: A Rational Look At an Emotional Issue can give you the confidence you need to influence our culture with the truth about the value of life.

We Choose Life provides an exciting opportunity for people to come together to learn, discuss and heal. The video series along with the curriculum allows participants to ask and discuss challenging questions about abortion and the sanctity of human life.

Understanding Abortion Today, Part 1

Understanding Abortion Today, Part 2

Four in ten women were attending church at least once a month at the time of their first abortion. Abortion is not just a problem “out there” in the culture, but also “inside” the church. Making Life Disciples will equip you and your church to offer compassion, hope, help to women and men considering abortion.

Why are pregnancy resource centers important in ministering to those considering abortion? Many women who are facing unplanned pregnancies do not view the Church as a safe place that provides help. However, they are willing to enter crisis pregnancy centers, hoping for someone to guide them in their moment of crisis.

Sexual temptation is undeniably the greatest struggle Christian men face. Here’s a study that digs deep and has the answers men are looking for–the kind that actually work.


In this series, Steve lays a biblical foundation for real freedom by relating 20 vital truths that God taught him in his own battle with pornography.

Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships

Why Does God Allow Suffering and Tragedy?

Why does God allow evil and suffering?

Does Science Disprove Christianity?

Is Jesus Really the Only Way?

Why are Christians So Hypocritical?

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

How Can God Send Good People to Hell?

How Can You Say There Is Only One Way to God?

Why Is the Church Responsible for Much Injustice?

What Gives You the Right to Tell Me How to Live My Life?

How Do I Know If I Am Saved?

Can I Believe In Jesus and Not Be Saved?

Can The Bible Be Trusted?

Is It Okay For A Christian To Date A Non Christian?

How Old Is The Earth?

Is Jesus God?

Does God Exist?

The Case for Christian Theism

Is there really no evidence for God’s existence?

Are there any good reasons to believe in miracles?

Do all religions lead to the same place?

Does the bible condone slavery?

If Christianity is true, why are there so many denominations?

Are we only Christian because we were raised in a Christian culture?

The Forgiving Path is a ministry of Gospel App Ministries. The Forgiving Path is not only the only Biblical on-line forgiving tool, it is the only on-line forgiving intervention for people who have not been able to forgive some wound or crime committed against them. It has been scientifically validated and has already helped hundreds to move toward true forgiveness. It is inexpensive, confidential, powerful, self-paced and very focused on the simple uncluttered Gospel.

You have a decision to make. You can hold on to your anger until your anguish builds a prison of bitterness. In this cage you will live a diminished and pain-filled life. Or you can choose to forgive.

In this series, clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Baker, PhD, explores five topics concerning mental health: addiction, anxiety, codependency, grief, and depression.

Dr. Henry Cloud uses these short videos that are scripturally-based to address mental health issues by providing practical and helpful advice.

Depression is all around us, more common than most of us imagine. It is also notoriously difficult to understand, and most of us feel inadequate to help the depressed people in our midst. This course is designed to help you understand what depression is, what it is like, what causes it, and how God can use you to walk with people who are experiencing some form of depression.

From depression to cheerfulness

In this four-part series, Jonathan Pokluda speaks words of comfort and wisdom, to help Christians navigate the areas of life COVID-19 is affecting. During this series you’ll be encouraged in how to overcome anxiety in these troubling days and explore ways you can remain faithful to God and to others.

Anxiety is inescapable in today’s world. When stress overpowers us and fear infects our minds, it can feel like the peace the Bible talks about is impossible to find. And no amount of pretending, overworking, or isolating ourselves will offer us the peace we need.

Compass & Light: A Series on Mental Health is a documentary series that tells the story of those affected by mental illness and gives practical knowledge about the varying issues surrounding mental health. This series consists of seven short films covering the topics of anxiety, bipolar, depression, addiction, eating disorders, PTSD and suicide. As we listen to one another’s stories and are bold in sharing our own, we can create a community where we are all fully known and fully loved.





Eating Disorders


Brett Ullman in The Walking Wounded begins to address how to walk back towards healing and away from our emotions, feelings and thoughts that are keeping us paralyzed in life. No shame, fear, or hiding is required as we are safe to journey towards healing together. There is Hope for the Walking Wounded.

In this five-part series, pastors Bryan Loritts and Matt Chandler use Paul’s words in Ephesians to address race, racism, and injustice. Through teaching and honest dialogues, Bryan and Matt will unpack the hard truths about America’s racial past and present and suggest a pathway forward of healing, justice, and hope for multiethnic harmony in the church.

Black/white relations in the culture at large and in the church in particular continue to be a stain on America’s respectable reputation. The church has clearly failed and must seek to function by God’s kingdom perspective. In this legacy message, Tony Evans seeks to promote a biblical understanding of the kingdom foundation of oneness by detailing why we don’t have it, what we need to do to get it, and what it will look like when we live it.

Tisby provides a unique survey of American Christianity’s racial past, revealing the concrete and chilling ways people of faith have worked against racial justice. Understanding our racial history sets the stage for solutions, but until we understand the depth of the malady we won’t fully embrace the aggressive treatment it requires. Given the centuries of Christian compromise with bigotry, believers today must be prepared to tear down old structures and build up new ones.

We need to talk about race. Why are people angry? Why so upset? Didn’t we elect a black president? Pass civil rights laws? Isn’t racism illegal now? Three years ago my brother Rob and I co-taught a class that discussed issues of racial injustice. That class turned into a popular podcast episode, which we’ve now turned into this video. Why are people still angry? Let’s take a look at race in America…

“Justice” is a felt need in our world today and a controversial topic. But what is justice, exactly, and who gets to define it? In this video, we’ll explore the biblical theme of Justice and discover how it’s deeply rooted in the story-line of the Bible that leads to Jesus.

Arguably, the most contentious subject in society today involves the issues of racial prejudice, diversity, and inclusion. In both a business and church environment, leadership often finds creating space for addressing these issues difficult and many avoid it altogether.

We live in dark times, and God has called the church to be a prophetic voice. In this conference session from the 2017 Orlando RightNow Conference, Pastor Eric Mason challenges us that the church has tragically majored on the minor things, and by doing so has become a pathetic voice.

Do you believe a truncated gospel? The gospel isn’t simply about a vertical experience with God, it includes horizontal reverberations. In this session from the 2018 Dallas RightNow Conference, Pastor Crump unpacks that we can not be one church without intention and we will not be one church without cost.

In light of the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abery, and Breonna Taylor, we invite you to watch this discussion that is as necessary and timely in 2020 as it was in 2016.

As Christians we are members of one spiritual family, pursuing one God, redeemed and rescued by one Savior. But we’re also from different races and different cultures, and we’re influenced by a world that is marked by division. How should the church respond? What is our role as followers of Christ?

There is a lot to be said about the sin of racism and how it affects not only our country, but the universal church. The tragic history of race relations in the United States has made it difficult for people today to have effective conversations without feeling uncomfortable, guilty, or traumatized. We might all agree about the fact that racism is wrong, and even sinful, but how do we respond when there seems to be so much division and so many opinions on what to do about it? In this short clip, Bible teacher Jada Edwards expounds on a few common questions and responses we see from people regarding racism, oppression, and the current state of our country.

The 50th anniversary of King’s tragic death marks an opportunity for Christians to reflect on the state of racial unity in the church and the culture. It creates the occasion to reflect on where Christians have been and look ahead to where we must go as we pursue racial unity in the midst of tremendous tension.

A documentary featuring Pastor John Piper as he walks through his personal story of growing up in the segregated South. His personal story boldly champions the transforming power of the gospel and the beauty of racial diversity and harmony in Christ.

August 9 is an historic day. In 1945, USA forces dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. In 1975, Richard Nixon resigned because of Watergate. In 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, white officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, a black teenager. In this session from the Q Talks, Missiouri Patrol Captain Ronald Johnson discusses the challenge of moving past the past, creating order amidst chaos.

The Table is a weekly podcast on topics related to God, Christianity, and culture. Cultural Engagement chapels allow students to engage experts on topics which link theology to all of life and help them grow as compassionate and courageous leaders.

Every day we are bombarded with non-biblical views of sexuality. Many people, both Christians and non-Christians, have bought into the lies of the sexual revolution, believing that our sexuality defines who we are as humans. This has brought about much pain and confusion surrounding the topics of identity and sexuality. In an environment such as this, it is critical to know, understand, and be equipped to share the Bible’s view of sexuality with others.

This is the first of two courses that examine homosexuality from a Christian perspective. This course focuses on the biblical teaching on homosexuality, while Part 2 provides a practical and loving approaching for interacting with the LGBTQ community.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Questions of sexuality and culture dominate social media, the news, and many topics of conversation. When skeptics learn that you are a Christian, these are some of the first questions they ask and arguments they give for why they can’t be a Christian. Join Dr. Sean McDowell and he provides careful and thoughtful answers for why the Christian view of sex is the appropriate view.

The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender presents “Grace/Truth” (1.0 and 2.0), a ten-week small group learning experience that introduces Christians to LGBT + people. Throughout the experience viewers will learn the language to use and avoid, better understand the theologically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and receive practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. This series contains all 10 video portions of the Grace/Truth small group experience, including the short film: Dear Church: I’m Gay.

This video series is based on the 2016 Christian Book Award finalist Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach. These video resources combine Caleb’s Biblical teaching with powerful testimonies from Christians who’ve been personally affected by LGBT issues and identity. This four-episode series will inspire and empower Christ followers to truly love all their LGBT “neighbors” while maintaining fidelity to the Scriptures