Unity Table

What is Unity Table

We believe a conversation over a meal with someone that has a different perspective than us, who may look, live, or believe different than us, can provide a small step toward greater understanding and empathy. It’s an opportunity to be intentional about gathering so we can recognize our ONENESS in Christ. Each time we gather we will appreciate the special way God created us. Follow the simple steps below towards arranging your own Unity Table.

Steps to Getting Started

Step 1: Invite

Invite someone who has a different perspective than you to a meal or a cup of coffee. Consider people at church, in your neighborhood, jobs, gyms, etc.

Step 2: Schedule

Set the time, location, and duration (between 1-2 hours) for the gathering. Try to do this every 5th weekend of the year

Step 3: Chat

Use the UNITY TABLE resource below for details of how to navigate your conversation.

Step 4: Share

If you would like to share some of the life change God had brought during the Unity Table, please go to

Step 5: Grow

Commit to growing your new relationship.