Women’s Small Groups

If you belong to Jesus, then you are His disciple. A disciple makes it her goal to become like her teacher. Jesus says if we truly want to BECOME like Him, we must deny ourself, take up our cross daily, and follow Him. Is this your desire? In order for your desire to turn into discipline and life-change, you need accountability. As women, it is so tempting to compare ourselves and our journey to others. This will only isolate us and keep us from growing. That is why Become Groups are important.  

Women’s Small Groups are a simple, effective method to grow as a disciple of Jesus and to make new disciples. We meet in small groups beyond the walls of the church to reach other women where we live, work, and play to help them meet Jesus as we share our lives with them.

In Women’s Small Groups, you will read God's Word and increase in your HUNGER for Him. You will agree with Jesus about your sin, and respond to this sin with BROKENNESS. You will align your heart with Jesus' heart and develop a BURDEN for people who are far from Him. 

Anyone can start a Women’s Small Group! To do so, simply follow the steps below:

1. Register your Group

2.Download the Women’s Small Groups card or pick one up at your campus on Sunday mornings.

3. Begin to pray for guidance on who you should invite to join your group.

4. God's Word is the curriculum. Decide what tool you will use to read through the Bible together. Here are some recommended resources:

Invite 1-3 women to join you and get started! A great place to start is in your Small Group with women you're already in community with.

Register Your Group