Group FAQs

What are Groups?

Groups are 4-14 people who come together on a regular basis and are led by a trained leader who encourages and leads the group to grow in their walk with Christ.

What do Groups study?

At Rush Creek we believe there is value in taking time to digest the content of the Sunday message. Sermon-aligned curriculum is the primary path most of our groups follow throughout the year. However there are breaks in the schedule where groups are given the flexibility to choose a particular study.

How do I join a Group, and is it open or closed groups?

There are a few different ways to join a group, but the primary way to join is to attend GroupLink. We host GroupLink two times per year, usually in January and September. If you missed GroupLink then you can browse a listing of groups here.

Groups at Rush Creek are open to guests at any time. However, there may be instances where groups can no longer allow guests due to size, in which case they would be in the process of birthing a new group. Another reason a group may be closed to guests would be due to the nature of the group during that particular season. For example, if a group member recently experienced a medical emergency or sudden death of a loved one then that group might close for a season until the emergency subsides.

What is GroupLink?

GroupLink is an event (usually 90-120 minutes) where people meet and connect to join a group. GroupLink is held twice a year (usually in January and September).

You mentioned group leaders help group members ‘grow in their walk with Christ’, what do you mean? What if I’m not there yet or don’t have a relationship with Christ?

That’s okay! Each group at Rush Creek is full of people who, spiritually speaking, are not there yet either. We gather as groups on a regular basis because we believe that we can grow in our faith faster if we’re together than on our own. Everyone has a voice in groups and everyone can find a place to belong in community. We’re not there yet but together we’re on our way.

What is the expected life span for a Group?

Typically most groups remain together for 18-24 months. While some groups meet for longer periods, we have found this time frame to be the average.

What is the optimal size for a Group?

We strongly encourage groups to consist of no less than 4 people and no more than 14 people. As the group approaches 14 people, leaders will need to discuss ‘birthing’ a new group in order to continue to fulfill the vision of Rush Creek. Groups in this situation will be guided through this process by their Coach.

How often do Groups meet?

We strongly encourage groups to meet once per week. Meeting once per week allows relationships to be cultivated which builds community and allows accountability for spiritual progress to be maximized. However, the group must decide what consistent meeting schedule is best for them.

Do Groups meet during the summer?

Many groups at Rush Creek do meet throughout the summer. However guests should expect the format to be more relaxed than during the school year. In addition, there are some groups that do not meet at all during the summer due to vacation schedules. It’s always best to check with the group leader prior to visiting the group.

How do I start a Group?

We would love to discuss your interest in group leadership! Simply let us know which campus you attend along with your contact information via email at and your campus Groups Pastor will contact you within a week.

What about child care?

As a group, you can decide how to approach this. However, it does need to be the group’s responsibility to agree on their child care arrangements. The church does provide childcare for small groups on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. You can rsvp your child for your next small group meeting here.

If this is my primary group experience as an adult, what do I do on Sunday mornings while my children are in their group?

 There are numerous options for service on Sundays. A couple of options are:

  1. Serve. Find a ministry to get involved in such as students, children, pre-school, worship team, greeter, ushers, parking lot, media etc.
  2. As a group, you may want to make this a time of ministry and service. Such as 2 times a month your group might serve as ushers or greeters. To facilitate this process please contact your campus Connections Pastor.
What kinds of Groups are available?

Click here to view a list of groups that are available at Rush Creek. While they are diverse, they all seek to provide an environment to become more like Jesus in the context of community. Please note that it may be the case that not every type of group is available at all times.

Where do Groups meet?

We feel that groups develop genuine relationships in the atmosphere of the home or some other environment outside of the church walls. 

What do I need to know about God and the Bible before I go to a Group?

We want people to feel welcome in a group no matter the level of understanding a person may have of God or the Bible. It is our desire that your experience in a group would enhance your understanding of both.

Will I be asked to pray out loud or expected to talk during group time?

You may be involved as much or as little as desired. Our hope, over time, is that you will feel comfortable joining in discussions and sharing your experiences.

What can I expect the first time I attend a Group?

 We give small group leaders a lot of flexibility in how they lead their meetings; however we ask our leaders to incorporate these elements regularly; eating together, casual conversation, Bible study, and prayer.

How long do Group meetings typically last?

We recommend that meetings last no longer than 2 ½ hours. However the average group meeting lasts 90-120 minutes.


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