Parent Dedication

Elements Class

Church members are invited to participate in a 2-step process for dedicating their kids. Elements Class must be completed before Parent Dedication Celebration. For those who have not yet attended our Elements class, you may sign up now!

Step 1:

Sign up for Parent Dedication Orientation on April 22. Click here to register.

Step 2:

Register your family for the Parent Dedication Celebration at your campus on Sunday, May 13. Click on your campus name below to register.

Green Oaks Parent Dedication

Mira Lagos Parent Dedication

Mansfield West Parent Dedication

Handley Parent Dedication

Please contact your Children's Minister with any questions.

Green Oaks: Lauren Van Hoy
Mansfield West: Misty Nailon
Mira Lagos: Amber Campbell
Handley: Maddi Rabel