In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…oh…perhaps that might be a bit too much history, but we acknowledge that The Church on Rush Creek would not exist today had it not been part of God’s perfect plan.

Let me jump ahead a few millennia…

In the fall of 1983, Tate Springs Baptist Church had a dream to start a new church in the fast-growing area of Southwest Arlington. Several families caught that vision, took a risk and began meeting in Key Elementary School. On March 4, 1984 about 80 people attended the first worship service.

Over the next ten years the church flourished under the leadership of several great men. Land was purchased, a building was built, more land was purchased, and more space was added to the existing facility. During that time, several hundred people decided to follow Christ and make Him the leader of their life. The risk taken by the first few families was beginning to make a huge difference.

In 1994, Russ Barksdale became the pastor of the church. During the interview process he remarked, “If you don’t like change, don’t ask me to lead this church.” And so Russ came, and with God’s direction, changes began. In a few short years the building was filled to capacity three times on Sunday morning and more space was needed. In 2001 the current worship facility was opened and lives continued to be impacted. Today over 3,500 people attend a Rush Creek campus each Sunday.

But Russ sensed God leading us to expand our influence and make a difference in our community. So in September of 2004 we launched our first satellite campus in the Southeast Mansfield/Grand Prairie area. The Mira Lagos campus has grown from about 70 people to over 300 and we continue to reach out to that fast-growing community with the story of Jesus Christ.

As our church continued to grow, tragedy struck. In May 2005, fire ravaged our Children’s building and administrative offices on the Green Oaks Campus. While this was initially perceived as a setback we saw God do incredible things that year. While it was inconvenient at times, we are excited about new our state of the art Family Building that opened on September 16th, 2007. Lives continue to be changed.

In the Spring of 2012, Rush Creek merged with what was formerly known as 'Fellowship of the Metroplex.' This campus, now called Mansfield West, gives Rush Creek its third vibrant presence in the community.

We are not sure of how the story will end, but we vow to keep dreaming, to keep risking, and to keep reaching people who are far from God so that they might become contagious followers of Christ.